Friday, 17 October 2014

November 2014

TV shows

TV finally seems to be catching up with nails, but not necessarily in a good way. There are two shows that have come to our attention; Nail'd It! and The Nail Files.

Nail'd It!

Nail'd It! is an elimination competition format where the main aim seems to be to place so much decoration and distraction on the nails that you can't see the nails at all. Even worse, everyone in the studio sounds like they are inhaling helium, even the male judge.

The Nail Files

The Nail Files is more of a "Housewives of..." based show with a loose nail salon connection. For the nail fan there is not much to see but at least nails are becoming more mainstream.


Gotham is the TV prequel to Batman, and the nails interest comes from Jada Pinkett Smith who wears some nicely shaped but not quite long enough nails as Fish Mooney.


Tres Chic Nail

There are some nice natural nails on show at this blog.

Lo'rain Drais

Lo'rain is very active on the internet and has a lovely set of natural nails to show off. Her blog is at but to see her nails in action check out this video from her YouTube channel:

Aside from the nails Lo'Rain has a beautiful and fascinating mouth. Remember Sue-Ellen from Dallas?


New video from Jean Davis

Jean's fans are a patient bunch. She started posting videos of her superlong nails on a regular basis four years ago but her postings have become less frequent over time. Her latest video does not show her face but there are plenty of views of the back of her long nails.

For those that need a reminder of her three YouTube channels they are: