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September 2015

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This month we are dedicating Nailpassion to a woman who carries a unique nail style, one which we love but one which also raises eyebrows, questions,and sometimes the hackles in others.

Khalia's extreme curve nails are so eyecatching that they feature across the internet on themed nail pages, nail tech discussion boards and Instagram shouts. We thought we'd get in touch with Khalia and ask her some questions about the curviest nails on the internet:

The lovely Khalia J

Hello Khalia, thanks for agreeing to interview with us. The first question; how often you get your nails done?

I get my nails done once a month and a new full set every 3 months

Are your real nails under the acrylic?

I keep my nails very short underneath so that my curve has no interference with taking shape from my natural nails

You mention liking a deeper and deeper curve. Are you happy with the current curve?

I'm completely satisfied with my curve and have been forever 

Did you see the design on someone else first or are they your original design?

My nails are my own original design and to this day I've never seen any one attempt to wear my style of nails thank goodness! (she laughs) 


Have you been tempted to try out any other styles on your nails?

I've never been tempted to try any other style nor would I. I'm very stuck on my nails they bring out my sexy side, although one day I'd like to try a different acrylic color since I only wear pink & white french style nails 


Have you seen any imitators since showing them off on the internet?

I have yet to see any imitators i must say I don't look for them either but I have been sent articles that have talked about my nails negatively from many places from around the world


You have a great way of dealing with hecklers, was that attitude always there or has it developed along with the nails?

I've never had any problems with my nails before social media I get more bullshit from Instagram then anywhere else and my if you mess with me I will hand you your own ass. That's always been me, (she laughs) I'm not to be played with unless I'm in the mood to be (laughs again) 


You mention that you have been wearing these nails “for decades” but you look too young for that to be true. Without giving your age away, is the “decades” an exaggeration or are you just naturally young looking?

I'm naturally young looking. I'm mistaken for a kid all the time. I get carded to buy rated R video games 


What happened to Sugar Rush Island? Are you still promoting/developing it?
[Sugar Rush Island is a website which Khalia uses for internet merchandise]

I'm very much still working on Sugar Rush Island it's my baby and good things come to those who want it. I'm just now settling into my new state so I can finally get organized and focus on bring something new dark and daring to my company. 


Good luck with the website and thank you for taking time out to talk to us.

Thank you. 


YouTube Videos

Our regular look at some old and new nail videos

We’ll start this month with some new natural nail YouTube stars. Firstly Andrea:

Then Adriana:

A progress update from Freddy Frew growing out natural nails:

Long time nail star Viktoria gives us a full video on her nail care routine:

As always we'll finish with some toenanils. Firstly a full pedicure from Laydec:

and a strangely silent Jill Franks demonstrating a foot massager for QVC:

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