Friday, 1 May 2015

May 2015

In this issue:

  • Herb Lasker
  • Websites From The Past
  • Focus On: Isabella Demarko
  • Blast From The Past Update: Nelly
  • YouTube videos - our popular collection of videos old and new

Herb Lasker

This month's issue is dedicated to the memory of Herb Lasker. Herb was not only one of the pioneers of this community, he was the pioneer's pioneer. Several people recalled their first encounter with someone who appreciated nails - and it was Herb. Some of those people went on to set up some of the first websites such as Real Nails Real Women (RNRW), Leni Cano, NTCWeb, Dave Cutter's page and Nails! (now called Nailpassion). Herb tried for many years to set up long nailed women as guests on daytime talk shows with some success on Geraldo and The Richard Bey Show. His illness restricted his movements in later years but Herb did make it to the 2007 Las Vegas gathering (the largest to date) and convinced Terry Dipitero to attend also. As a tribute to Herb we are going to dive into the past and show some of the screens from the first nail sites on the internet:

ISOLngNail's Amazing Nails website

Dave Cutter's Alarmingly Long and Dangerous

Killer Nails

Leni Cano's page

Linny's Long Nail World

Lon and Linda's page

Nails! (now Nailpassion)

Netnails (now Ournails)

Wayne's Nails of The Month (NOTM)

Ed's NailBytes
Frank's Nails Talon's and Claws (including Nelly - see below)

Stevo's page

Focus on: Isabella DeMarko

Isabella Demarko is a young British woman who shows off her lovely nails on all sorts of social media. If you are not already connected we suggest you link up with her.

Isabella Demarko



Blast From The Past Update

When we ran last month's Blast From The Past on Nelly we had a couple of enquiries about how she is doing now. This is also timely as the oldest page we could retrieve from back in 1997 shown above also featured Nelly. So to close this off, here are four pictures from Nelly taken in the last year. She still sports long nails but they seem to have twisted more as she has grown older.



YouTube Videos

Our monthly look at some old and new nail videos

We’ll start this month with the lovely La Rue discovering the challenges of getting a date when your nails are several inches long. We suspect there are several readers who would do anything to swap places with La Rue's suitor.:

Here is a quick manicure from a Handful of Blessings:

The lovely Isabella Demarko (see above) shows off her great nails in a very British voice:

New YouTube star #1: Veronica Williams:

New YouTube star #2: Pinkee Meets Kitty:

Some great nails on skin ASMR action from Sees Nails:

We have featured Cimya891 before but any excuse to see these great nails:

We have also featured MsDangel666 previously:

Especially for those who like nails on men pretending to be women:

We advise you to checkout a YouTube channel called Love You Long Nails which is posting many great videos including this one:

We can't say goodbye without mentioning these Simply Amazing Toes:

And finally a footnote from Handful of Blessings: