Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April 2015

In this issue:

  • Gone But Not Forgotten - Phyllis Davis
  • Focus on: Goddess Grazi
  • A Star in Transition: Vanessa Hudgens
  • The Robots Are Taking Over
  • Blast From The Past: Nelly
  • Movie Witches
  • YouTube videos - our popular collection of videos old and new

Gone But Not Forgotten

Last month we learned the sad news that one of our favorite screen actresses had died from cancer: Phyllis Davis. Had this Texan-born beauty lived she would have been 75 this year. The event is made even more sad by the fact that she died on September 27th 2013 in Las Vegas, and that her death went unnoticed and unannounced. Her IMDB page still does not show that she has passed.

Phyllis was the daughter of undertakers who got her first break playing small parts in Elvis Presley movies. Her career spanned much of what is called the Golden Age of Television, with regular or key parts in shows such as The Wild Wild West, Vega$, Knight Rider, Fantasy Island, Love Boat, and Magnum P.I.

Her nails were always long (even for those days of glamor) and immaculately presented.



Chieffnails has a very pleasant nail-centered collection of her work on his YouTube page.
Here is a good example:

Focus on: Goddess Grazi

Grazi is an Italian internet personality who has a truly remarkable following amongst foot fans. A popular foot model will get perhaps 100 likes on Instagram for posting a picture whereas Grazi gets 500+ likes.

Her toes are very photogenic which nice large nailbeds on each toe:



Sometimes her hands creep into the picture and we can see that nailbeds is what she’s all about. Whether on individual toes, or her lovely fingernails.



Checkout Grazi on the following links across the internet:

A Star in Transition: Vanessa Hugdens

Vanessa Hugdens is trying to make that awkward move from child star to adult star. Born in 1988 and now at the grand old age of 26, she is trying to shake off the cuteness that won her appearances in Thunderbirds and High School Musical 1, 2 & 3.

What better way to make that transition than by suddenly sporting very adult nails painted a very bright red. They certainly signal that the days of innocence are over.

It’s a good first step, and we look forward to the days when Vanessa is growing her own rather than having them applied.




The Robots Are Taking Over

Stephen Hawking recently posited that robots, or more accurately artificial intelligence, could spell the end of the human race. We might be a long way off from evil robots but they are becoming more common in the news, the movies and… everyday life.

Here is a robot that paints your nails:

It will be easy to see when the robots turn evil; the nail painting robots will start doing nail art.

Oh, too late.

Blast From The Past

Here are some pictures that will possibly tickle your memory sticks, Nelly from the old days.



When worlds collide. A more recent picture of Nelly

Movie Witches

For some reason we always get a little twitchy when a new witch film comes out. Even back in 1939 when was in black and white only, we were eager to see the witches in the Wizard of Oz to see if their nails lived up to our optimistic vision of what witches nails should look like.

We were disappointed in 1939 and have been continually disappointed ever since. Hollywood just doesn't seem to understand what witches' nails should look like, or appreciate how improved a witch could be with the right nails.

Pick any movie from this list and you'll find witches that range from bad to good, with nails that range from bad to terrible:

  • The Witches of Eastwick (1987)
  • The Craft (1996)
  • Practical Magic (1998)
  • Stardust (2007)

So we are very pleased to let you know that at last, there is a movie witch with good nails. The Seventh Son has Julianne Moore playing a convincing witch with some extra long talons. Our only criticism is that the nails only appear in certain scenes, when she takes on a specific witchly form.

Note: In doing our research for this article we did come across the long lost childrens movie Frogs (1991) starring Judith Ivey as the witch Passionatta. Her nails are great although probably at the time, just slightly longer versions of what might have been good TV nails. 

The whole movie is now available on YouTube, check her nails close up at 31:45:

YouTube Videos

Our monthly look at some old and new nail videos

Freddy Frew is a name familiar to many here. Once sporting extra long nails with acrylic Freddy has decided to grow her nails out from short but this time completely naturally. The progress so far is impressive and the nails are certainly beautiful:

Aaabragg is a foot model with a very active channel on YouTube. Her toenails wouldn't cause her to feature in Nailpassion, but her fingernails are all natural, of noticeable length, and quite mesmerizing when she rubs her feet with her hands. In these two videos she talks about her nails and then gets rubbing:

Sees Nails is still producing videos daily and the best of her recent output has to be this focus on the undersides of her french painted long nails

A captivating ASMR video from ASMRPrincess:

And finally an oldie for a footnote from Toetally Ebony Feet: