Sunday, 1 March 2015

March 2015

In this issue:

  • Making Money On The Internet - ASMR
  • Focus on: Giggle De Moon
  • The Tubes
  • Natural nails
  • YouTube videos - our popular collection of videos old and new

Making Money from Internet Nails
Part 3 of 3 - ASMR

In this last installment of our “Making Money” series, we are looking at a specific subset of the YouTube videos we looked at last time - ASMR.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a new term for something that may have been around for a long time, perhaps forever. It is the distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation felt in response to various sensory stimuli but particularly sight, sound and touch. There is much disagreement over the ASMR phenomenon itself, with strong anecdotal evidence but little or no scientific explanation or verification.

To learn more about ASMR click here for a BBC introduction to the subject:

There are nearly 2 million ASMR videos on YouTube with the top viewed one being a whispering video with over 9 million views. If you remember last month’s conversion rates that’s over $9,000 to the creator. She has done very well with her ASMR videos with over 100 million views ($100,000).

But we are not here for whispering, we are here for the nails and in ASMR terms that means the appearance, sound or movement of the nails. The nail section of ASMR also has it’s own star: DaniPink89.

DanniPink89 has over 100 ASMR videos which have accumulated over 1.6 million views to date ($1,680). Here is a selection of her best videos:

And here is a selection of the best nail-related ASMR videos from other contributors:

Focus on: Giggle De Moon

Everything on the Internet is temporary. How many times have you returned to a favourite nail website to find it gone? Or come back to look at a particular YouTube video to find it removed either by Google or by the creator? Sometimes the blow is softened by a slowing in the frequency of updates followed by a complete stop. The last update frozen in time, moving futher and further into the past. Eventually one learns to make copies of what’s important, and to appreciate the good stuff while it is there. Sometimes stars burn bright and disappear, sometimes they fade away.

One such star was Giggle de Moon. It is unlikely that Giggle De Moon is her name or anything like it. It might be "Laughing Moon", but Giggle De Moon is the translation offered by Google’s translation service for this Chinese woman with remarkable nailbeds. Giggle de Moon posted pictures of her nails at the Chinese website Baidu from 2009 to 2011 and then she just stopped. She might never post again despite imploring messages from her fans. Here are some of her pictures, and for the completists, a link to every picture she posted during her short spell:



The Tubes

It seems that old rock bands never die, they just gather in decreasingly recognisable configurations and try to recapture the glamour of their youth through touring. 

One such band is The Tubes, a San Francisco originating rock band who released their debut album 40 years ago and who are touring Europe in the Summer of 2015. It’s not clear how many people can remember their music, but there are a few older nail fans who, in a time when nail images were extremely rare, remember two of their album covers:


Natural Nails

These days with nail extensions, glitter polish, heat reactive polish, magnetic polish, seasonal colours, on-trend designs, spike nails, nail rings, 3D nails, and matte finish it can be easy to lose sight of beautiful unpainted natural nails.

Thankfully someone has compiled and is still adding to a stunning collection of beauty over at

Here are some examples from the 840+ pages of images you'll find there:



YouTube Videos

Our monthly look at some old and new nail videos

Mia Nails starts us of with some great green polish:

Great natural white nails from Beyonceesha

The breathtaking Anna Mikhailova

and again:

Striking nails from TheMutantSith

You might want to encourage Brown Girl Style in growing her nails. She is already up to week 7:

An absolute classic Kreolla video from a couple of years ago

A footnote from Solez Mistress

And a final footnote - a classic oldie from BlackPantherNails