Sunday, 1 February 2015

February 2015

In this issue:

  • Making Money On The Internet - YouTube
  • Last month's background picture
  • New nail stars
  • An old nail star
  • YouTube videos - our popular collection of videos old and new

Making Money from Internet Nails
Part 2 of 3 - YouTube

Last month we focused on, a website that rewards women for showing off their nails to admirers who make donations to their favourite models. But earnings from this limited audience are, well, limited.

YouTube has a much larger audience reach than a single specialist website as can be seen by our own YouTube page where our first posted video has been seen almost a quarter of a million times. So how do the financials play out?

If you have a YouTube account then you will automatically have a page where you can upload your own videos. When those videos are viewed YouTube runs advertising and collects the advertisers' fees. If you monetize your page i.e. tell YouTube that you would like your share of the advertising revenue and give them bank account details to pay into, then you will start to receive money for the views that your videos receive.

YouTube pay between $1 and $2 for every 1,000 views. For this article we'll take the lower figure for all our estimations.

A quick calculation shows that our first posted video has earned $242. Unfortunately for us we didn't create the content, and the content creators have claimed copyright which means they receive a dollar for every thousand views, not Nailpassion.

The beauty of YouTube videos is that they keep paying month after month (as long as they are viewed) and if you keep adding videos your revenue will grow and grow. Recently we have been looking at Sees Nails, a newcomer to the internet, she has her own YouTube account and is making videos at the rate of over one a day (she has made 42 in the last month).

If Sees Nails monetises her videos, makes one a day and receives 1,000 views a month per video (which she is easily surpassing at the moment) then her projected income is:
Year 1:     $2,340
Year 2:     $6,660
Year 3:    $10,980
Year 4:    $15,300
Year 5:    $19,620

That's $54,900 over 5 years. And even if she stops making new videos after 5 years that income of $19,620 a year still comes in if the videos are viewed.

So who are the long nail stars of YouTube today, and what are their earnings so far, assuming they have monetized their YouTube accounts?



439 61,104,000$61,104




To see more YouTube nail pages check out our YouTube links page

This month we have also updated and added new videos to our own YpuTube page so please go and take a look.


We had some enquiries about the nails in the background of last month's issue.

We are pleased to reveal that they are from Flickr photographer BabBoy0000

We think BadBoy0000 comes from London. Here are some sample shots from his Flickr page:



New Nail Star 1 - JoshiK

JoshiK is a Kenyan born woman living in Germany who happens to own her own line of nail polishes (called JoshiK) and also happens to have drop dead gorgeous nails on which she shows off her product. Check out her Instagram page for the latest pictures of her nails.




New Nail Star 2 - Swauvette

Swauvette came to our attention because she is a big fan of JoshiK's polish and wears the colors with style. Please take a look at her Instagram page for more pictures.



Star from the past - Michelle Visage

Michelle Visage is currently starring in the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother. Although her nails are not even a shadow of their former glory we couldn't let the occasion pass without showing that picture and the videos that launched her career over 20 years ago:

YouTube Videos

Cute Nail Designs has some cute nails to show us:

We've heard of "poker face", well here are some poker nails:

Linda has some nice nails:

Long nails from MsDangel666:

As always we end on a footnote; Lushonda Young painting her toenails: