Monday, 1 December 2014

December 2014

In this issue:

  • The Social Media Sweet Spot - nail sharing online
  • Art - photographer Horst P. Horst
  • TV Shows - our own collection
  • Blogs - Bunny Nails
  • Videos - including Sees Nails, Sayuri Love Nails, Russian long nails, Glodean White and Ayanna! 

The Social Media Sweet Spot

The internet is full of women who want to show off their nails. There are hundreds and thousands of blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter feeds and Instagram pages filled with pictures of plain, painted, decorated, short and long nails.

Sees Nails - new to the internet
Some of those nails are special enough to be of interest to our readership, because there is something unusually beautiful about the shape, or length, or the care afforded to them. Sometimes it is a combination some of these factors, sometimes it is a blend of all three.

The journey for one of these special women is preset and predictable.

1) Sharing
First, there is the desire to share what is often their own love for their own nails. They come on to the internet determined to share what they have. This is the sweet spot moment, where they are feeling their way in the social media world, seeing which locations generate the most feedback and share their enthusiasm in the same manner.

2) Feedback
Next comes the feedback. At first it is appreciative but in the mix are a few needy questions; "How long do you think you'll grow them?" "Don't cut them please" "Can you post a picture of your toenails?" etc. These are the first signs that a different audience than the one expected has caught on, and unfortunately they often come from our readership here.

3) Determination
The usual initial reaction is to concentrate on the fans and ignore the pests. This might seem easy, especially when the fans outnumber the pests but as the name suggests, the nuisance value of pests is disproportionate to their number and they can wear down even the most enthusiastic sharer.

4) Decision
At some point the sharer has to make a decision, either to deter the pests or accomodate them. Deterrence usually comes in the form of shortening the nails, or following the nail art route. The former finds a general decrease in feedback which leads to disinterest and an end to the project. The latter often finds a new mainly female audience who are mutually appreciative, but the effort required to keep up output in this area cannot be underestimated.
Accomodation comes in several forms. To engage with the pests and pander to them is a short lived exercise. No matter how long your nails there is always someone asking for longer. The next level is to exploit the situation and let people show how much they appreciate the nails. delivers regular tributes to the top models, some earning hundreds of dollars. For the more extreme there is Clips4Sale where videos can be uploaded and purchased, together with a tribute system. Some other women just maintain an Instagram presence with a link to an wishlist for fans to show their appreciation.

Whatever the route, the journey is rarely long lasting and for most of us the sweet spot of initial sharing is the best time.

Sees Nails has just come on to the scene. She has an OCD love for the length, feel, sound and beauty of her nails and is currently sharing them on all channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. She knows she has something special and at least for the moment wants their beauty recorded and shared. How long will it last? Who knows. It is important to appreciate what she is sharing while it lasts.

Sees Nails can be found here:


Some famous photographers seem to have a thing for nails. If you follow this site you'll be familiar with French photographer Jaque Henri Lartigue (1894-1986) and his undoubted appreciation for feminine fingertips.

A German photographer, Horst P. Horst (1906-1999) has an exhibition of work currently in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Once again, well painted nails feature more than you might expect...


TV shows

No new TV news this month but don't forget to check our YouTube channel regularly where we post clips of noticeable nails and toenails from many shows and films:


This month's featured blogger is Bunny Nails

Her nails are wide and long which gives her a fantastic spread of canvas for her creativity but we also love the nails when they are bare and naked:


New to YouTube is Sees Nails

Also updating regularly is Sayuri Love Nails:

What's it coming to when kids' shows have great nails?

A random video of a Russian woman with long nails (Not Anna Mikhailova!)

Blast from the past: Dick Clark interviews Glodean and Barry White and talks about her nails:

Some long acrylic covered nails versus spiky nails. Who wins?

The lovely Yani has completed a promotional video for Ripley's believe it or not:

But she breaks a nail in the process!

If you would like a look at Ayanna's toenails before she trimmed them check out this video:

These nails being painted also caught our eye:

This long fingernail/toenail combination is a nice find:

Final footnote: